Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm currently reading the book, sumo no himitsu (The Secrets of Sumo) by Nitta Ichiro and published by Asahi Press in 2010. You can find details for this book here. It's been a really useful introduction to the world of sumo, giving a concise explanation of the ranking system, history, and basic techniques used by wrestlers. This makes a useful tool for Japanese language learners out there who want to learn a bit about sumo wrestling. I found the illustrations very entertaining and I used them as the basis for some of my own sumo drawings, like the one I posted below.

As my reading ability increases, I'd like to read more books about sumo in Japanese and make them the basis for the information I post in this blog. It would be nice to document all the books I read here, English or Japanese, so that fellow sumo fans could get some idea of what reading material is out there. When I finish this book, I plan on buying the memoir written by the current yokozuna, Hakuho Sho. I read the first three pages of it and found it really interesting. He talked about how he first came to learn about sumo and the memory of his first visit to Japan from his home country of Mongolia. I can't wait to read it!

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